How to play

You will be presented with a sequence of problems that you need to solve in a specific amount of time. You are competing in real time against other players and everyone receives the same problems. Upon submitting the correct answer you will be awarded points and you will progress to the next task. The faster player is awarded bonus points at the end. When the game ends, the player with the most points wins.


Hint - By clicking the ‘Hint’ button you will receive a hint for solving the problem. However, if you have used the hint button, you will be rewarded with a smaller amount of points for the solution. Some problems might not have a hint option.


Submit Answer - Enter your answer to the problem here. Make sure you follow the guidelines for answer submission presented in the problem, e.g. number of decimal places, etc.


Attachments - Some problems will require you to download a file/files. They will be displayed below the problem assignment as hyperlinks. Click on the link to download. For example, these can be data sets that you are required to analyze and extract useful information from.


Useful Materials - Some problems will have useful links provided where you can receive more information related to the problem. Sometimes this will be omitted and you will need to do your own research.


Timer - The amount of time everyone in the game has for completing all of the problems. The game will end when the time runs out.


Leaderboard - The leaderboard shows the live progress of all the players within the game. You win points by solving the problems and submitting the right solutions.